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My name is Shini and I'm just another simmer trying to have fun with the game ^..^ . Feel free to just a nose through my stuff and if you like anything... Yay!. TOU - Do not claim as your own and please do not put up any of my creations onto paysites, Credit where credit is due and have fun :)

Butcher Billy Strikes Again!

Base Game Compatible*
Combined Package*

Row 1: Morrisey - The Smiths
Row 2: Ian Curtis - Joy Division
Row 3: Kurt Cobain - Nirvana
Row 4: Sid & Nancy

Original art by Butcher Billy I take no credit whatsoever for these great pieces, You can buy these pieces for yourself from Butcher Billy Here. Mesh by EA and creation by me.

Thank you to everyone for supporting me and liking and reblogging everything, you’re all the most kind and most patient followers that I could have wished for. Any problems you can always ask! and as always Like/Reblog if you like them!

Terms Of Use
Do not claim as your own and please do not put up any of my creations onto paysites or anywhere else, Credit where credit is due and have Enjoy!


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